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In order to ensure optimal conditions and the necessity of energy saving, we are constantly looking for new solutions for industrial insulation with increasingly effective properties of insulating materials.

PetroStal, as one of the few companies, offers spraying of polyurethane foam coatings. The use of polyurethanes in industrial insulation brings many benefits for both businesses and the environment. Here are some of the main advantages of using polyurethanes in industrial insulation:

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Polyurethanes have a very low thermal conductivity coefficient – half that of polystyrene and mineral wool. This means they act as an effective insulating barrier against heat flow. Consequently, facilities insulated using polyurethanes can significantly reduce heat losses, leading to lowered heating and cooling costs.

Effective Sound Insulation

Polyurethanes can also be used for sound insulation, reducing the noise level inside and outside industrial buildings. This is particularly important in manufacturing plants, where noise can be a nuisance to workers and the surrounding environment.

Lightness and Durability

Polyurethanes are lightweight and wear-resistant, which facilitates their installation and maintenance. Additionally, they are corrosion-resistant and do not deform, ensuring the effectiveness of the insulation over a long period of time.


Polyurethanes can be used both in thermal insulation and in waterproof insulation. They have the ability to prevent leaks and moisture penetration, which is crucial for insulation in environments exposed to humidity.

Energy Savings

Thanks to their excellent thermal insulation properties, polyurethanes help reduce energy consumption in industrial buildings. This leads to significant savings in operational costs, which is particularly important in the face of rising energy prices.

Environmental Friendliness

Modern polyurethanes are produced with the aim of minimizing environmental impact. They can be recovered and recycled, which contributes to the reduction of waste and the lowering of greenhouse gas emissions.

Quick Installation

Polyurethanes can be relatively easy to install, allowing for fast and efficient industrial insulation. This in turn can reduce downtime in production and minimize disruptions in business operations.


Polyurethanes are flexible, which means they can be applied in various shapes and on different surfaces. This is particularly useful in the case of complex industrial structures.

The use of polyurethanes in industrial insulation contributes to the improvement of energy efficiency, work comfort, safety, and the durability of industrial installations, which is crucial for achieving success in many industrial sectors.

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