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Offer: Welding of Pins

We provide arc welding services for pins and pins with diameters from 3 to 8 mm based on qualified staff and highly advanced and high-performance welding equipment. We have a certificate issued by the Office of Technical Inspection based on technical conditions / standards PN-EN ISO 14555:2017 and PN-EN ISO 14732:2014, 2014/68/UE (PED).

In terms of welding, our services include:

  • technical consulting (documentation development)
  • material supply
  • routing and surface preparation
  • welding
  • control and quality testing

For the production of pins and pins we use the appropriate material, meeting all requirements for this product. Selecting the most accurate, well-defined blend of steel will help you achieve the highest quality of service.

Welding pins and pins are used in such industries as:

  • Shipbuilding & offshore (insulation, harness, hatches, hatches, steel structures)
  • Energetic and petrochemical (insulation of boilers, ducts and tanks) – fixing of insulation mats
  • Air conditioning (tanks, air conditioning and ventilation)

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